Suggested Reading (2020 update)

Narrative Medicine Category, aka the human side

Mountains beyond mountains (Tracy Kidder)

  • Journey of Paul Farmer of Boston
  • Improve global health in Haiti and beyond

When breath becomes air (Paul Kalanithi)

  • Neurosurgeon becomes a patient himself

Attitude and Learning

An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth (Chris Hadfield)

  • How to be net zero in a team
  • Excellence through life long learning
  • Simulations & preparation for high-stakes procedures
  • What is the next thing that is going to kill me?

Mastery (Rob Greene)

  • How to become a master in any field
  • Three phases: apprenticeship, creative exploration, mastery

Streetlight and Shadows (Gary Klein)

  • Expertise vs learning protocols and procedures
  • Decision making in ordered vs complex environments

Mistakes were made, but not by me (Carol Travis)

  • Cognitive dissonance
  • Confirmation bias
  • Making mistakes in a healthy way

Peak (Anders Ericsson)

  • How to become a master
  • Naive vs deliberate practice

Effective work

Deep work (Cal Newport)

  • To work effectively you need to do away with distractions
  • Work smart vs work hard
  • Note this also applies to personal life (his book Digital Minimalism)

Seven habits of highly successful people (Steven Covey)

  • General setup: be a healthy you, engage with others
  • Big picture thinking

The five dysfunctions of a team (Patrick Lencioni)

  • why teams struggle

Finally my current reading list

  • Field Guide to Understanding Human Error (Sidney Dekker)
  • Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime (Peter Gotzsche)
  • What Doctors Feel (Danielle Ofri)