Resources for Medical Statistics

Three great books

Statistics Done Wrong by Alex Reinhart. A big favourite of mine. Available for free online at If anybody bought the book, please let me know about the added value.

How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff. Review at ALiEM bookclub and available online for free to download (PDF). There’s a cool overview of letters on the subject. The book Naked Statistics (Economist review) has been dedicated to it, however, it does my no means approach the original.

OpenIntro Statistics: a college level textbook downloadable as free PDF!

Three good medical journal resources

Statistical Notes in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). Overview available here and here

JAMA Guide to Statistics and methods (here). Paywall for non-subscribers

Methodologie van onderzoek. Nederlandse Tijdschrijft voor Geneeskunde (NTvG). Available here (Dutch language)

Nature Collection: Statistics for biologists. here


Good statistical behaviour, a great PLOS blog article on ‘mind your p’s, RRs and NNTs’, available here.

One R tip a day

Wikipedia Statistics portal

And a great idea

Keep a Statistics Diary: Write every day 1 note on statistics. Andre Gelman‘s take and Alex Etz‘ take


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