R resources

This collection contains

  • beginner stuff first and
  • advanced stuff later.

For the book fans

Dalgaard, Peter Introductory statistics with R 2. ed. : New York : Springer, cop. 2008 – xvi, 363 s. ISBN:978-0-387-79053-4 (pbk. : alk. paper)  LIBRIS-ID:11305121 

Download the simpleR / Using R for Introductory Statistics manual by John Verzani! SimpleR (PDF 2.1 Mb)

Distance learning

edX offers free online courses from Harvard, Karolinska (good!) and Microsoft in the form of massive open online courses / MOOCs.

R course on datacamp.



  • R search engine: rseek
  • Some R tips for beginners: impatient R
  • Another collection of R resources for beginners at PortfolioProbe
  • The R resource on Stack Overflow
  • OpenIntro Statistics: Labs for R (understand statistics through applied data analysis with R). They also offer a free college-level textbook on statistics!
  • Creating publication quality graphs with R (link)
  • Power & Sample Size Curves on quick-r
  • Google Refine is a great program for cleaning data & getting datasets into usable formats.
  • Effective frameworks for thinking about data analysis/data science problems in R – RStudio webinar (Vimeo)
  • Escape the Land of LaTeX/Word for Statistical Reporting: The Ecosystem of R Markdown Webinar – RStudio webinar (Vimeo)