About me

I am a academically oriented research-minded junior physician driven to contribute to science and society. I obtained my medical doctorate in the graduate-entry Research Master in Clinical Medicine program at University Medical Center Utrecht. Before, I pursued a degree in Molecular Biomedicine at Maastricht University. During my studies, I also worked as a research trainee at Karolinska Institutet and lived in Stockholm for about a year.

My interests are studies on the intersection of laboratory biomedicine and epidemiology in hematology and immunology, true translational research, between bedside medicine and the bench. To make sense of my work, I am an enthousiastic R user.

I like to approach clinical challenges through a holistic framework which features continuous flow from challenge to research and implementation.

For my future, I aspire to participate in collaborative, excellent translational clinical research, combining basic and clinical sciences, while assuring societal relevance and impact as core principles.

Please feel free to approach me by mail or on LinkedIn or Twitter. I welcome all connections.


For my research portfolio and publications please refer to this page.

About this website

I use this web presence to share resources and background information on research and clinical topics.